Whether you hold a start-up, an established company or an SME, Welcome to the future of shopping & Selling at,


i-Shops-Kenya is an innovative digital Shops platform powered by TAAPP STORE.

i-Shops-Kenya are rented annually while SMS-Shops are registered and verified for free by TAAPP STORE.

Social Media Group Shops (SMS-Shops) offer a great opportunity for those entrepreneurs who want to start online earning, from their social groups paid by TAAPP STORE. We welcome all types of groups from Facebook, Google or Instagram to register.

i-Shops-Kenya are offered with a cloud powered website and an exclusive digital marketing App.

i-Shops-Kenya are facilitated with excellent SEO Tools and high optimization Technology to guarantee great traffic market visibility for the e-users through Social platforms, Google Ads and TAAPP-e-ads.

Digital Shops and marketing is the future of shopping : Join the big online market names like JUMIA, KILIMALL, CHEKI and become another successful i-Shops-Kenya story.

 Start your i-SHOPS-KENYA by filling the form below ✓




e-Ads1. App by:🌟TAAPP STORE-eGroups

           e-Ads2. App by:🌟TAAPP STORE-eGroups

Tap the picture to enterTAAPP STORE SMS – Verified Social Groups :

180+ Verified SMSs : Kenya Pax : 9,197,428

To view e-users click the VSGS LOGO Below,

20181025_154334_0001_20181026122229233~2_20181026122536127_20181026122920927_20181026123225330VSGS VERIFIED :

VSGS ensures online safety for buyers and sellers with an end to end VPS pinpointing technology.


Ensure safety and Track your orders by shopping your products and services on the verified e-groups or SMSs. Verified displayed watermarked SMSs should match the database at the VSGS, to verify click the main VSGS Logo to confirm as it will redirect to the main cloud.

Download TAAPP STORE e-Group Apps. Register a group and start your SMS-Shop today by filling the form or through Sign-App.

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