e-Funds 4 NGOs✓

Welcome to eFunds, a not for profit section.

eFunds : is a nonprofit fundraising app, that helps Startups from developing countries in line with the 17 sustainable global development goals.

Open Funding Windows

eFunds 4 Campaign ✓

eFunds 4 Social Entrepreneurs ✓

eFunds 4 CBOs ✓

eFunds 4 Green Energy Projects ✓

eFunds 4 Climate Change ✓

eFunds 4 Accelerated Projects ✓

eFunds 4 Training and incubation ✓

eFunds 4 Education ✓

eFunds 4 Innovation ✓

eFunds 4 Community Health and Agriculture ✓

eFunds 4 Upcycle and waste management ✓

eFunds 4 Project Financing ✓

eFunds 4 organized community groups ✓

eFunds 4 Environmental Projects ✓

eFunds 4 Innovation programs ✓

eFunds:4 various General Projects contributing to achieving the 17 goals. Send your project concept. Open Window all year round ✓

Recommend a nonprofit organization here :


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