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Well Ventures Properties

Welcome to Well Ventures Limited. Looking for Land and Properties in the following places :

* Kajiado

* Ngong

* Naivasha

* Juja

We’re a true partner to your growth, helping you locate and own your dream property.

Well Ventures have been incorporation since the year 2013 and have built a trust record since day one.

Talk to Us on : 0707503647

Email Us on :

ERP Registration

Registration :

:: Payment Via Mpesa :: 

  1. ::Paybill : 522522
  2. ::A/c Number :  1261033647
  3. Amount :: 100/-
  4. Fill in the form below to proceed to your Car bidding ERP :


Shortly we’ll send you login details via phone and email that You’ve provided when registering.

Many Thanks for Bidding with Clyde Motors Company Ltd.

Go to your ERP Bidding Platform by clicking the following link : 👇

(Use the login details that we’ve sent you)


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TAAPP-App Builders

Recommended for businesses that wants to build their apps. Increase a hook and bait online business visibility.

Example of out build capabilities : Click the image below to download an example App.

Apps by : TAAPPFB_IMG_1543408892442_20181129122311337


TAAPP offers you a flexible bulk SMS software and bulk SMS services,


From plans as low as 1000 bulk SMS for $5.

We also develop other tailor made software according to the companies and industries needs.

Don’t limit yourself … Build your software, apps and host at TAAPP-STORE. Your reliable ICT partner.

Partners :



Khaki Youth Group manufactures Quality Affordable, biodegradable packaging solutions.

Inline with their work and Innovation is upcycle solutions for Banana stem waste that they convert to packaging sealing solutions, from glue to packaging straps.

Sample Packaging : 

i-SHOPS-KENYA : App No. 70


In this project there’s minimum wastage of natural resources, this biodegradable packaging cares for the environment and provides jobs to the youth as all packaging are hand crafted.

Our Clients :


“Do good, feel good and be part of a good story.” – Kevin,

Director Khaki Youth Group

Partners :



This platform gives you an opportunity to benefit in insuring the things that you care about, from properties, crops, health, travel, life and any other assets or value that means the world to you.

This platform is also an avenue to those who want to add on their careers by becoming one of us either full-time or on halftime jobs as you can work in the comfort of your home and any other geographical location, without forgetting those of us who choose to pour their hearts into the insurance industry as a whole.

We offer the most sustainable, dynamic, flexible competitive insurance packages on values that you most care about in Asset Financing and many more aspects of investments.

Insurance Packages :


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Click the link below to view various insurance covers bieng offered by TAAPP :



Welcome to Coffee Roasting Services (CRS)

This is a platform for people who are interested in doing coffee value addition, coffee vending and coffee apprenticeship.

We offer to roast your coffee to your desired style, be it French roast or Italian roast. whether you’re a coffee Farmer or an entrepreneur and you’re thinking of conducting value addition we’ll help you in primary, secondary and tertiary processing of coffee.

From coffee pulping, hurring, roasting, packaging and selling your coffee. We’ll Invest with you from Farm to cup.

Start your coffee apprenticeship journey with us, Menu : SIGN-APP : Recommended App No 1 on TAAPP-STORE.

Interested? If yes, leave your details by filling the form and we’ll support you in setting up your coffee business.



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e-Funds 4 NGOs✓

Welcome to eFunds, a not for profit section.

eFunds : is a nonprofit fundraising app, that helps Startups from developing countries in line with the 17 sustainable global development goals.

Open Funding Windows

eFunds 4 Campaign ✓

eFunds 4 Social Entrepreneurs ✓

eFunds 4 CBOs ✓

eFunds 4 Green Energy Projects ✓

eFunds 4 Climate Change ✓

eFunds 4 Accelerated Projects ✓

eFunds 4 Training and incubation ✓

eFunds 4 Education ✓

eFunds 4 Innovation ✓

eFunds 4 Community Health and Agriculture ✓

eFunds 4 Upcycle and waste management ✓

eFunds 4 Project Financing ✓

eFunds 4 organized community groups ✓

eFunds 4 Environmental Projects ✓

eFunds 4 Innovation programs ✓

eFunds:4 various General Projects contributing to achieving the 17 goals. Send your project concept. Open Window all year round ✓

Recommend a nonprofit organization here :




🌟 The One stop shop for all electronics🌟

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Visit i-Shop 67, 68, 69, on Menu : Sign-App with Tap and go capabilities, all Orders delivered country wide within 48 hours of your order placement.


Partners :


Whether you hold a start-up, an established company or an SME, Welcome to the future of shopping & Selling at,


i-Shops-Kenya is an innovative digital Shops platform powered by TAAPP STORE.

i-Shops-Kenya are rented annually while SMS-Shops are registered and verified for free by TAAPP STORE.

Social Media Group Shops (SMS-Shops) offer a great opportunity for those entrepreneurs who want to start online earning, from their social groups paid by TAAPP STORE. We welcome all types of groups from Facebook, Google or Instagram to register.

i-Shops-Kenya are offered with a cloud powered website and an exclusive digital marketing App.

i-Shops-Kenya are facilitated with excellent SEO Tools and high optimization Technology to guarantee great traffic market visibility for the e-users through Social platforms, Google Ads and TAAPP-e-ads.

Digital Shops and marketing is the future of shopping : Join the big online market names like JUMIA, KILIMALL, CHEKI and become another successful i-Shops-Kenya story.

 Start your i-SHOPS-KENYA by filling the form below ✓




e-Ads1. App by:🌟TAAPP STORE-eGroups

           e-Ads2. App by:🌟TAAPP STORE-eGroups

Tap the picture to enterTAAPP STORE SMS – Verified Social Groups :

180+ Verified SMSs : Kenya Pax : 9,197,428

To view e-users click the VSGS LOGO Below,

20181025_154334_0001_20181026122229233~2_20181026122536127_20181026122920927_20181026123225330VSGS VERIFIED :

VSGS ensures online safety for buyers and sellers with an end to end VPS pinpointing technology.


Ensure safety and Track your orders by shopping your products and services on the verified e-groups or SMSs. Verified displayed watermarked SMSs should match the database at the VSGS, to verify click the main VSGS Logo to confirm as it will redirect to the main cloud.

Download TAAPP STORE e-Group Apps. Register a group and start your SMS-Shop today by filling the form or through Sign-App.

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