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The #Juice Factory and Restaurant , We value your feedback …

Welcome to Juice Factory and Restaurant, Naivas Building #3rd Floor, Thika, Kenya.



Available panone amenities near all Panone Hotels, just for your convenience of your stay in our facilities. At panone we go the heights and lows to make sure that you  have a smile throughout your stay with us.

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Khaki Youth Group manufactures Quality Affordable, biodegradable packaging solutions. Inline with their work and Innovation is upcycle solutions for Banana stem waste that they convert to packaging sealing solutions, from glue to packaging straps. Sample Packaging :  i-SHOPS-KENYA : App No. 70 Link :🌟KHAKI YOUTH GROUP 🌟 In this project there's minimum wastage of natural … Continue reading K.Y.G✓


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Welcome to eFunds, a not for profit section. eFunds : is a nonprofit fundraising app, that helps Startups from developing countries in line with the 17 sustainable global development goals. Open Funding Windows eFunds 4 Campaign ✓ eFunds 4 Social Entrepreneurs ✓ eFunds 4 CBOs ✓ eFunds 4 Green Energy Projects ✓ eFunds 4 Climate … Continue reading e-Funds 4 NGOs✓


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